The Classic Super Star Trek Game (1970's-1980's)



This is a classic version of the old program TREK, inspired originally by the 1960's TV show Star Trek.

The original MS-BASIC version of this specific DOS implementation was written by me in graduate school in 1983 to emulate the FORTRAN version of Super Star Trek that ran on our lab PDP-11/34. That PDP-11/34 FORTRAN version of Super Star Trek was written around 1975, I believe by David Matuszek & Paul Reynolds with modifications by Don Smith.

Being often in a low-temperature physics lab overnight nursing a He3-He4 dilution fridge, He3 cryostat, or He4 cryostat, I often had too much time on my hands in between moments of sheer terror. During those boring times, I rewrote my MS-BASIC version of TREK, greatly expanding it's capabilities and sophistication in the 1980's. I converted it to Quick Basic 4.5 somewhere along the way, with the final Quick Basic version written in 1991. That version, v3.0, is about 3000 lines of code.

This is that version, with its expanded capabilities.

That version produces the file TREK.EXE. It encompasses the original 1960's Star Trek universe ("Original Series" or OS), or the 1980's Star Trek Next Generation (NG) universe. It also operates in real time, so that if you do nothing, your enemies (Kingons or NG Ferengi) are still able to attack you, and there are other entities (OS Berserker "planet killers" or NG Borg) which will chase after you across the galaxy if you irritate them.

You can dock at Star Bases to repair and refuel, and if a planet has dilithium crystals, you can transport down (if the transporter is working) and refuel that way. You can abuse the warp drive to time warp, as well as sometimes time warp if you hit a black hole. Black holes can also absorb photon torpedoes. All in all, this was a pretty sophisticated version of TREK for it's time. Development on it stopped in 1991.

TREK can run under DOS, Win 95, Win Me, & Win 98. TREK should run under any 16-bit or 32-bit version of the Windows NT family (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server, Win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11). It will not run under a 64-bit version of the Windows NT family.

In early 2013, I stumbled over the old 1991 source code for TREK, and decided to recompile it using QB64 without any functional modification to run under modern 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. That recompiled version is a 32-bit application called TREK32 (or 64-bit TREK32M for macOS) which really just reflects the compiler target application type. The source code of TREK32 is identical to that of TREK with the only difference being trivial changes to some variable handling to accommodate QB64's different handling of the PC's memory, and a name change for the backup ship (to make it politically correct). TREK32M also has the QB "BEEP" commands commented out as the QB64 v1.5 Mac compiler has bugs compiling that command.

TREK32 will run under all versions (32-bit & 64-bit) of Win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11.

TREK32M will run under macOS. (Last tested on macOS Monterey.)

For Windows systems that can run both TREK & TREK32, TREK32 will usually run & display better than TREK will.

I'll state the usual warning that I'm not responsible for any issues this software may cause you or your machine, nor do I guarantee that this software will work on any specific machine.

This zip file contains TREK.exe and TREK32.exe for Windows, and TREK32M for macOS. Just unzip the files into a folder and run either TREK or TREK32 directly in Windows, or TREK32M in macOS.

The TREK32.exe file for Windows binary is digitally code signed with a SHA1 Code Signing Certificate issued by Digicert, a major trusted Certificate Authority's (CA).

The TREK32M file for macOS binary is signed with with my Apple Developer certificate issued by Apple (but the binary is not notarized, so you will have to tell Gatekeeper it's OK to run it).

 Download the zip file by clicking here. (Right click, select "Save as...")

Trek Readme.txt file

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