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V1.3.19 Release date December 27, 2007

Please note that I am no longer actively maintaining or updating this program. Changes & updates to Windows since the last update may prevent this program from functioning correctly.

Handy Tip: Use Task Terminator to kill your browser if you enter one of those sites that creates endless numbers of new pop-up windows when you try to leave.

In the course of writing software like Homing Pigeon™ and Home Base, I developed tools to help me diagnose what is going on during testing. Occasionally ZeaSoft decided that a tool may be of interest to general users. Task Terminator is an example of such a tool.

I did not waste time making it look pretty, so the user interface is simply straightforward. Task Terminator is a free utility which allows you to terminate any task or window running on your machine, even hidden programs and services which are invisible to the Windows Task Manager, that window that pops up when you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del. Task Terminator has the look and feel of the Windows Task Manager to make it instantly familiar to Windows users. Task Terminator can also be run in a command line mode.

In addition, when configured to display all running tasks by file name, you can highlight a task and with the push of a button, automatically google that file. No more trying to guess at what something in the list actually is.

Task Terminator can also be run from a command line or from the Windows Scheduler. The readme and help files contain instructions for operating Task Terminator in this mode.

Task Terminator will even automatically check back to my website for updates. (Yes, you can turn this feature off.)

Task Terminator is free, with no pop up ads or anything like that.

Task Terminator runs on Win 95, 98, ME, XP and Windows 2000. The exact look & feel will be determined by your version of Windows and your settings. It has not been tested on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

I'll add the usual warning that there are no warranties that this software will work correctly or will even run on your machine, and that you use it at your own risk.

V1.3.19 Release date December 27, 2007
 Download the 345kB zip file by clicking here. (Right click, select "Save as...")

View the Task Terminator Help File

Task Terminator Readme.txt file

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