Virus Scanning

My systems are protected using Webroot Secure Anywhere anti-virus. My systems are also periodically scanned using Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro (Sophos) manual scan tools. Some of the virtual machines I test with are also protected with McAfee anti-virus instead of Webroot. Every version of Network Printer Control is uploaded to Virus Total where it is scanned by over 60 anti-virus (AV) products before it is placed on my website, or uploaded to CNET. (Anyplace else other than my website or CNET that you download the NPC installer from grabbed it from either my site or CNET, and I have no idea if they have "modified" it in any way.) If the Virus Total scan shows an anti-virus product claiming that NPC or one of it's components is infected, if possible I submit the file directly to the AV vendor for their inspection so they can confirm their product issued a false positive and they can correct their data base. Not all anti-virus vendors have a submission process for when their products erroneously flag a file as being infected, but the better ones do. If the AV product on your PC flags a component of NPC has being infected, you can quickly double-check your product by submitting the flagged file to Virus Total to see how roughly 60 other AV products classify the file. You can also contact me at If you do, please tell me what AV product you are using, what version of that product, what version of it's database you are using, what file it flagged, and what virus it claimed the file was infected with. I may want you to email me a zipped copy of the allegedly infected file.

If you are concerned that your PC may be infected, a number of AV vendors have free manual-run stand alone scanner/cleaners. A few are:

Norton Power Eraser

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool