Network Drive Control - v1.62

I strongly recommend you at least read the sections below, especially the Before You Begin.


What's New

Before You Begin

As an added note, I use NDC every day. (I also use Network Printer Control every day as well.) But over the years there have been many features added by users requests that are features I don't use. The help sections for those features have an added note in green that is reproduced here:

"I will also say that this is a feature people asked for but I don't use. That means that despite my testing, the likelihood of a bug is higher with this feature. Please let me know if you have any issues." 

If you find a bug anywhere in NDC, please let me know & I will try to fix it. 

Finally, yes, Network Drive Control may be used completely free of charge, even when deploying in commercial organizations. However if you wish to show your appreciation and support its development/hosting you can make a donation  by clicking on the PayPal button.