BLAES - Burns Lab Auger Electron Spectroscopy Software Package


This software was originally written at the University of Florida Physics Department by Prof. Michael Burns, and distributed as part of a Perkin Elmer users group to over 50 laboratories around the world. This package consists of three legacy programs, BLAES.EXE, DEPTH.EXE and ELASTIC.EXE, which run a Perkin-Elmer PC 137 Auger System installed in an PC running DOS, or will run within a DOS window under Win'95, 98 & Me or 32-bit Win NT* The program can overlay elemental peaks over your sample's spectra, as well as identify peaks in your "unknown" weighted by that element's abundance the Earth's crust, weighted by a user created probability list for "what might possibly be there", or peak matched without restriction. The first is useful when performing Auger on "unknown" samples of biological or geological origin. The second is useful when using BLAES in conjunction with growing heterojunctions by MBE or other UHV grown structures.


In addition to collection of a single Auger spectrum BLAES allows one to open up to 6 windows for scans covering arbitrary energy ranges, and operating parameters such as resolution, multiplier voltage (for digital multipliers), etc. The program contains a library of Auger peaks including their relative intensity. In addition, the program can control an ion gun allowing the gun ion beam to be shut down during spectra collection for more accurate depth profiling. Users can save multiple configurations for easy retrieval and use.

(Configured as per Figs 2-9 to 2-14 of PC-137 manual )
              15-155, 10-155 or similar CMA 
              PC-137 Interface Board
              72-100 or 32-100 Electron Multiplier supply (optional) 
                        - for best results, connect to DR11C bus & 
                          place in digital control mode (front switches)
              32-150 or 72-150 Digital AES Control
              96A preamp F/V converter

You can download this freeware in a self-extracting file named "blaesarc.exe". The self-extracting file can be executed under Windows, or DOS. When you execute blaesarc.exe and designate that it expand the file onto drive c:, it will place the software in the directory C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\AUGERDIS. Under Windows 9x, this shows up as the folder "Augerdis" on your desktop. Under Windows NT/2000/XP, this shows up as C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\AUGERDIS. The source code was last updated 14-FEB-1991. I know that it was still being actively used at a number of locations in 1999 as I was contacted about its Y2K compliance. This programs Y2K compliance is set by the underlying operating system. We also add the usual warning that we are not responsible for the accuracy of this program, its applicability to your experiment, nor for errors in the program.

*Program was last purported to run in a NT based DOS window in the mid-90's. Due to OS patches over the years, this may have changed particularly for the program modules that talk to the PC-137 Interface Board.

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