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Free & working software written by Michael Burns

Network Drive Controller (allows you to map network drives in a network sensitive manner)

Network Printer Controller (allows you to map printers in a network sensitive manner)

Windows Logon Message Editor  (allows you to easily set the message shown to users before they see the Windows logon screen)

Star Trek (the computer game classic version of the 1970's) Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014

Free Space Wipe  (very fast wiper of the free space on a drive, small so you can carry it on your thumb drive) (No longer supported)

Browser Wipe  (wipes the Internet Explorer cache, small so you can carry it on your thumb drive) (No longer supported. Does not work with modern versions of IE.)

Task Terminator (general purpose Windows task killer) (No longer supported)

Free ancient academic software generated by Michael Burns

BLAES (Burns Lab Auger Electron Spectroscopy) (No longer supported)

Psycal (Calibration Model for Peltier Thermocouple Psychrometers)

Manuals for equipment once manufactured by Burns Consulting, Burns Instruments or ZeaSoft

BC-NV100 Nanovolt Amplifier User's Guide

BC-MPNV100 Burns Consulting Psychrometric Measurement System (BCPMS) User's Guide

BI-APR100 Burns Instruments Automated Psychrometer Reader User's Guide

ZeaSoft Homing Pigeon™ User's Guide

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